11 Ways To Get Rid Of Black Hair Dye Without Damaging Hair

Ways To Remove Black Hair Dye Without Damaging Your Hairsmartesthairstyles.com – Whether you’ve been dying your hair black for years or just wanted to try it once, there may come a moment when you’re ready for a change. Black dye is one of the most difficult colors to remove from your hair, but don’t despair – with a little time and patience, you can work on slowly fading it out to remove your color without a ton of damage. Read on to learn a few DIY remedies you can use from home, as well as some ways you can treat and repair your hair during the process to reduce dryness and breakage. This article is based on an interview with our professional hair stylist April Ferri, co-owner of Widows Peak Salon. Watch the full interview here.

    • Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo.

    These shampoos can remove some of your hair color. Look for a shampoo at your local drug or home supply store that says “clarification” somewhere on the bottle. Wash your hair as usual, scrub the shampoo into your curls and then rinse with hot water. Clarifying shampoo probably won’t pull your color out completely, but it will help fade it a bit.

    Hot water will help open up your hair follicles and remove more dye.

    Even if you’re trying other color removal methods, it’s always a good idea to start with a clarifying shampoo. It’s fairly gentle on your hair and can help remove the top layer of color.

    You can use clarifying shampoo as often as you like, but it’s a good idea to give your hair some rest between washes as it can dry out.

    • Scrub your hair with dish soap if you’ve just colored it.

    11 Ways to Remove Black Hair Dye Without Damaging Your Hair

    Grease-fighting soap helps wash out excess color. This method works best on newly colored hair, so give this method a try if you’re new to black dye. Wet your hair in the shower, then rub dish soap over your curls. Rinse with warm water to pull most of the excess color out of your hair.

    This method really only works to rinse out the color that didn’t manage to penetrate your hair strands, so it will only work once.

    Washing with dish soap can cause some dryness, so use a conditioner afterwards.

    • Try a paint remover.

    11 Ways to Remove Black Hair Dye Without Damaging Your Hair

    These products open up your hair cuticle and break down the color molecules. Get a color remover from your local drug store or cosmetics store. Then follow the application instructions on the packaging. Like most at-home methods, color remover probably won’t remove all of the black color, but it can help get most of it out without damaging your hair. Use this product once in your hair to avoid damage as it can dry out a bit.

    Since the color remover only targets the color molecules in your hair, it will not damage your natural hair or lighten your natural color.

    In general, color removal products work well on recently colored hair.

    • Use a baking soda paste.

    11 Ways to Remove Black Hair Dye Without Damaging Your Hair

    Baking soda helps rub out dye molecules because it’s abrasive. This method works best with demi- and semi-permanent hair dyes, and is also most effective if you’ve recently dyed your hair. To use baking soda on your hair, mix together equal parts baking soda and anti-dandruff or clarifying shampoo. Spread the paste on your dry hair and leave it on for about 20 minutes before rinsing it out.

    If you don’t have anti-dandruff shampoo, you can also use dish soap.

    Try to do this once a day for three days to quickly fade your black dye.

    Follow with a deep conditioner as your hair may feel a little dry using this method.

    • Mix vitamin C powder with your own shampoo.

    11 Ways to Remove Black Hair Dye Without Damaging Your Hair

    This is an acidic compound that can dissolve dye molecules in your hair. Go to your local health store and get a bottle of vitamin C tablets, then crush 5 to 10 of them into a fine powder. Pour some clarifying shampoo into a small bowl, then mix in your vitamin C pills. Wet your hair and apply the paste from roots to ends. Then leave it on for 30 to 60 minutes before rinsing it out.

    You can also wash your hair with regular shampoo if you’re having trouble getting the paste out.

    This is another method that you may need to try for several days before seeing a dramatic difference.

    • Go to a salon for a professional service.

    11 Ways to Remove Black Hair Dye Without Damaging Your Hair

    If you want to avoid damage, have your hair taken care of by a professional. Black dye, in particular, is quite difficult to get out, and it may take several sessions of gentle destaining and bleaching to remove it completely. Make an appointment with your local salon and tell them your hair story so they can give your hair the treatment it needs.

    Depending on how long you have been dying your hair black, it can take up to a year to remove all of the black color and fully lighten your hair.

    • Fade your hair color slowly.

    11 Ways to Remove Black Hair Dye Without Damaging Your Hair

    Be patient and don’t expect your hair color to disappear overnight. If you’re trying methods to remove your hair color or going to a salon, remember that the slower you go, the more your hair will thank you. Over time, black color can fade and return to its natural color (or even lighter if you choose).

    • Wash your hair less often per week.

    11 Ways to Remove Black Hair Dye Without Damaging Your Hair

    Shampoo your hair from its natural oils. When lightening your hair, try not to wash it too often if you can. You can use dry shampoo to soften some oil at the roots, or you can cover your hair with a hat or bandana. The less you wash your hair, the more moisture and moisture it retains.

    When washing your hair, be sure to use a moisturizing, moisturizing shampoo. Look for ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, and honey.

    Avoid products with ingredients like alcohol, silicones or sulfates as these can dry out your hair more.

    • Bring moisture back into your hair with a hair mask.

    11 Ways to Remove Black Hair Dye Without Damaging Your Hair

    Use a hair mask or deep conditioner every time you wash your hair. Removing and fading your hair color can dry out your hair, which can eventually lead to breakage. To avoid this, rub a deep conditioner or hair mask onto your wet hair and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. When you rinse it out, your hair will feel shinier and smoother than when you started.

    • Strengthen your hair with a bond-building treatment.

    11 Ways to Remove Black Hair Dye Without Damaging Your Hair

    These products rebuild your hair shaft from the inside out. You can ask your salon to give you a treatment after a session, or you can buy the products at your local cosmetics store. Try using a bond-building treatment once a week to restore and repair your hair while fading your black coloring.

    A complete bond building treatment kit usually costs around $30.

    • Stay away from heat styling.

    11 Ways to Remove Black Hair Dye Without Damaging Your Hair

    Hair dryers, straighteners, and curlers can further dry out your hair. Try to let your hair air dry as much as possible and use non-heat techniques such as blow drying. B. Braiding to get natural waves or curls. When using heat stylers, always spray your hair with a heat protectant first to undo some of the damage before you begin.

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