13 Steps How To Straighten Hair Quickly

How To Straighten Hair Quicklysmartesthairstyles.com – Straightening your hair can be time-consuming, especially if your hair is curly, long, or thick. To speed up the process, brush your hair thoroughly after it has been washed and dried. Separate your hair into sections to avoid grabbing random strands of hair that have already been straightened, and use tools like a quill comb to make the process even easier.

    • How to straighten hair quickly Using a flat iron

    1. Separate your hair into sections if it’s thick. To ensure you straighten all your hair evenly and quickly, divide your hair into at least 2 sections. You can either part your hair down the middle or tie the top layer with a hair clip or hair tie.

    If you have very thick hair, consider dividing your hair into 4 sections. Tie the top layer of your hair into 2 buns on top of your head and then divide the bottom layer into 2 sections as well.

    When you part your hair down the middle, you can simply pull each side in front of each shoulder to keep it in place for longer hair. If you have short hair that doesn’t reach your shoulders, use a hair tie or hair clip to keep your hair in strands.

    2. Tie your hair in a low ponytail if you have very thin hair. Save time and skip the process of dividing your hair into sections if you have thinner hair. After gathering your hair into a low ponytail, simply clip the top of the ponytail and smooth the length.

    Once the ponytail is straight, untie it and smooth out the top of your hair and any other bumps.

    How to Straighten Hair Quickly: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

    3. Set the straightener to the right temperature based on your hair texture. Instead of turning the heat up as high as possible, consider your hair texture when heating up your flat iron.

    For thin or fine hair, the temperature should be below 182°C.

    If you have normal to medium hair, set the temperature between 182 and 199°C.

    For thick hair, use a temperature of 350-450°F (199-210°C).

    4. Clip the first 1 inch section of hair into the flat iron. Choosing a 1 inch section of hair will help you straighten your hair much faster and more efficiently. Clip the strands of hair at the top of your head, about 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) from your roots.

    5. Apply light pressure to quickly run the iron down the length of your hair. Once you have clamped, run the flat iron over the strand of hair. Keep your hair taut so it straightens faster.

    6. Work systematically in 1 inch sections from side to side. Finish straightening an entire section of hair before moving on to the next to save time. This will prevent you from accidentally straightening the same strands of hair multiple times.

    7. Unclip a section of hair and repeat the process. Once the uncut strand of hair is straight, bring it behind your shoulders. Unclip the next section and pull that section in front of your shoulders. Repeat the process of straightening 1 inch sections of hair.

    Folding sections of hair that have already been straightened behind your shoulder will prevent that section of hair from mixing with the section that has not yet been straightened, saving you time.

    8. Add products to reduce frizz when you’re done. To ensure your hair stays straight all day, consider applying a hairspray or anti-frizz product. Apply product or hairspray by quickly spraying with a brush, then brush evenly through your hair for thorough application.

    Make sure your hair is completely cool before applying any product.

    • Speeding up the process

    How to Straighten Hair Quickly: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

    9. Shampoo and condition your hair first. Clean hair is easier and faster to straighten. Using a conditioner along with your shampoo will make your hair softer and smoother, making the straightening process much faster.

    Use a straightening shampoo and conditioner to straighten your hair and make straightening even easier.

    10. Dry your hair completely before using a flat iron. If your hair is damp at all while using a flat iron, not only will it damage your hair, but it will also take you a lot longer to get it straight. To dry your hair quickly, use a blow dryer with the nozzle down.

    Blow dryers can damage your hair – always move the nozzle back and forth when drying your hair and never aim directly at a strand.

    11. Brush your hair thoroughly before using the flat iron. If your hair isn’t brushed first, you’ll end up with bumps or jagged corners where the straightener went over hair going in different directions, slowing down your straightening process. For best results, take the time to brush or comb your hair to remove any knots or tangles before straightening.

    12. Use a hunting comb to speed up the process. Chase combs (sometimes referred to as straightening combs) comb and evenly separate your hair for you while you straighten your hair. If you have medium or coarse hair, a comb is an ideal tool for straightening your hair.

    With one hand, insert a strand of hair into the strand comb and clip the comb, starting at the tip of the strand.

    With the other hand, start straightening the strand by running both the comb and the flat iron over the section of hair.

    How to Straighten Hair Quickly: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

    13. Invest in a tool that will dry your hair while you straighten it. There are several hair tools on the market that can dry and straighten your hair at the same time. Go online to see if any of these tools are right for you.

    These tools include a hairbrush that doubles as a ceramic dryer and hair dryers that use negative ion technology.

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