3 Methods How To Transform Wavy Frizzy Hair Into Straight Hair

How to Change Wavy Frizzy Hair to Straight Hairsmartesthairstyles.com – Regardless of what type of hair you have, the grass is always greener on the other side. If you have wavy, frizzy hair, you probably want straight hair—and you can! There are many ways to straighten your hair, all of which can be easily done from the safety of your own bathroom.

    • How To Straightening Hair With Heat

    3 Ways to Change Wavy Frizzy Hair to Straight Hair

    Roughly dry your hair. If you already blow dry your hair, how you position your blow dryer can contribute to your frizzy hair. When drying your hair, shake the dryer back and forth over your head until your hair is 80% dry.

    Point your blow dryer nozzle down or your hair will frizz.

    When the hair is 80% done, apply a smoothing or anti-frizz serum before completing the blow out.

    For the ultimate smooth, polished look, use a boar bristle brush.

    If your hair is on the finer side, use a round brush while you blow it dry to help straighten it.

    3 Ways to Change Wavy Frizzy Hair to Straight Hair

    Use serums. Spray a thermal protectant on your hands before rubbing it through your hair. When rubbing the protectant through your hair, steer clear of the roots. Covering your roots with product is a surefire way to make them greasy.

    Typically, a little bit of serum goes a long way. Start with just a little bit, and then add a little more if necessary.

    Perform this step before blow drying or straightening your hair. The serum will help protect your hair from all the heat.

    Use serums only on the days when you’re applying heat to your hair. Do not use serums when your hair is already dry and straight.

    3 Ways to Change Wavy Frizzy Hair to Straight Hair

    Straighten your hair with a flat iron. Brush the hair and then use a ceramic flat iron to gently glide over the hair without applying too much pressure. Do not clamp the iron on any section of hair.

    The coarser your hair, the higher the temperature of your iron should be. If you have thinner or finer hair, heat your iron to 300 or 350 degrees, max.

    Divide your hair into sections before straightening. This speeds up the straightening process and prevents you from going over the same sections of hair multiple times. If you have hair clips, use the clips to keep the hair you’re not straightening out of the way. Try to gather 1/2 inch of hair in each section if your hair is coarse and 1 inch if your hair is fine.

    3 Ways to Change Wavy Frizzy Hair to Straight Hair

    Straighten your hair with a curling iron. Brush your hair and section it like you would use a flat iron. Take a strand of hair and clip the curling iron onto the hair so that the iron is pointing towards the floor; this will prevent your hair from frizzing. Holding the bottom of your hair taut to create tension, slowly run your flat iron down the length of your hair. Repeat this movement for your entire head.

    Hold the flat iron at the bottom of your hair for another two seconds to really flatten the ends of your hair.

    Go slowly, especially near your face, to avoid burning yourself.

    • How To Straighten Hair Without Heat

    3 Ways to Change Wavy Frizzy Hair to Straight Hair

    Brush your hair dry. After a shower, allow your hair to air dry, but continue to brush it every five minutes. Divide your hair into sections and brush each section, pulling the hair away from your head to encourage it to straighten.

    To get your hair to dry straight faster, perform this process in front of a fan.

    If you utilize the fan method, brush your hair continuously throughout the process.

    3 Ways to Change Wavy Frizzy Hair to Straight Hair

    Wrap your hair before bed. Wash your hair before going to sleep. While your hair is still wet, comb and part your hair down the center. Take the left half of your hair, wrap it around the back of your head, and secure it to the right side with bobby pins. Do the same thing with the right half of your hair.

    To reduce frizz, wrap a scarf or towel around your hair to sleep in.

    This method works best if you sleep on your back or stomach.

    3 Ways to Change Wavy Frizzy Hair to Straight Hair

    Create a completely natural smoothing mask. Mix a cup of whole or coconut milk with a tablespoon of honey. Soak your scalp and hair in the mixture for an hour before rinsing the mixture out of your hair.

    You can make a similar mixture by combining 2 cups of milk with an egg. Leave the mixture on your hair for ten minutes. Squeeze out the excess moisture, hold your hair in a shower cap and wait another 30 minutes before washing and brushing your hair.

    Add a few drops of coconut oil or almond oil to any of the above masks to boost your fight against frizz.

    3 Ways to Change Wavy Frizzy Hair to Straight Hair

    Use curlers. Wash your hair before bed and part your hair into sections while it’s still damp. Curl each section with large hair rollers and secure the hair rollers to your head with bobby pins. Sleep with your hair rolled up and let it out in the morning for a sleek and voluminous look.

    Make sure the hair is completely dry before unrolling your curlers. If the hair has even the tiniest amount of moisture left, it will likely frizz and frizz.

    The rollers should be about the size of soda cans. If your hair is too short for such large rollers, use the largest rollers that your hair will fit.

    • Creating a Polished Look

    3 Ways to Change Wavy Frizzy Hair to Straight Hair

    Start straightening in the shower. Your shampoo and conditioner can’t automatically straighten your hair, but they can straighten your leg. Buy hair products that guarantee “smoothing”. After conditioning your hair, use a paddle brush to evenly distribute the conditioner before rinsing your hair.

    Do not rub your hair with a towel when drying. Instead, gently pat your hair to absorb the moisture.

    Use a microfiber cloth such as B. a Deva Towel, or a t-shirt to dry your hair instead of using a regular towel. These are softer alternatives that help fight frizz.

    3 Ways to Change Wavy Frizzy Hair to Straight Hair

    Wait until your hair is completely dry before using an iron. If you hear your hair sizzle, it’s probably still damp and you should stop straightening immediately to avoid damaging your hair. If your hair is dry when straightening and you are still not getting the results you want, you may be using too much product.

    Only apply the product to damp hair, never to dry hair. The iron traps the product in dry hair, causing you to cook the product in your hair follicles.

    The more heat you apply to your hair, the less product you should use. Try to limit your product use to one or two serums applied directly to damp hair.

    3 Ways to Change Wavy Frizzy Hair to Straight Hair

    Finish off your hair with a light hold hairspray. If you applied heat to your hair, let it cool for a few minutes. Spritz your brush with your hairspray, then comb it through your hair for an even application.

    3 Ways to Change Wavy Frizzy Hair to Straight Hair

    Put your damp hair in a bun before bed. This method works best on hair that is frizzy but not wavy. Tie your hair in a ponytail after you shower. Twist your ponytail like a rope to wrap your hair in a bun. Secure your bun with an elastic band and sleep with your bun in it.

    In the morning, allow hair to air dry for a few minutes before brushing.

    Use an elastic rather than a rubber band so you don’t end up with frizz in your hair.

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