4 How To Style Curly Hair With Easy

How To Style Curly Hair smartesthairstyles.com – With the beauty of curly hair, it can sometimes be difficult to style. By taking good care of your curls and using the right products, you can eliminate frizz and keep your hair looking the way you like it. Condition your hair often, use a wide-toothed comb to brush it and blow dry your hair with a diffuser to maintain your curls. There are many styles and updos that go well with curly hair such as: B. a front braid or a topknot.

    • Shampoo and condition hair

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Shampoo your hair only when necessary. Shampoo your hair when it’s dirty or greasy as opposed to every single day to keep your tresses from drying out and frizzing. For best results, use a moisturizing, sulfate-free shampoo.

    Aim to shampoo your hair 1-3 times a week.

    Avoid silicone, which can prevent moisture from penetrating your hair.

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Condition your hair regularly to lock in moisture. While you don’t need to shampoo your hair every day, caring for your hair (especially your ends) every day will result in healthy, hydrated locks. Look for products that help reduce frizz and lock in moisture.

    Avoid applying a lot of conditioner to the roots of your hair to avoid weighing down your curls.

    Condition your hair once a week for even softer curls.

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Use cold water for the final hair rinse. Here’s the secret to taming your frizz: Rinse your conditioner out with cold water instead of warm water. Hot water is harsh on the hair shaft, while cold water seals the cuticle, leaving curls looking smooth and shiny when the hair is dry.

    If you can’t stand the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking a cold shower, try washing your hair in the sink instead of letting the cold water run all over your body. When you’re in the shower, use a shower cap to protect your tresses from the warmer water.

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Detangle your hair with a wide-toothed comb. If you must brush your hair, it’s best to do so while you’re still in the shower to avoid frizz. Use a wide-toothed comb and start detangling from bottom to top immediately after applying conditioner.

    Avoid brushing curly hair when it is dry as it will make your hair brittle and frizzy.

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Remove excess water with a cotton t-shirt instead of a towel. The towel is rough on your hair, making it much easier to frizz. Soak up excess water with a clean, soft t-shirt to protect your curls.

    Microfiber towels are also great options as they are gentle on curls.

    • Dry and set your curls

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Use a curl enhancing product. Experiment to see what works for you: an inexpensive anti-frizz serum may be sufficient, or you might want to treat yourself to a more expensive curl styling cream that will moisturize and add definition. After washing, apply some product to wet hair and work it in with a wide-toothed comb, working from ends to roots to avoid breakage.

    Make sure each curl gets some product from root to tip. When you’re done, use your fingers to scrunch up the curls to give them extra definition.

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Allow your hair to air dry. The healthiest way to dry curls is to let them dry on their own time. Do not wring or rub your hair; This causes the hair to become rough and frizzy. After applying the needed products, sit back and let your hair dry naturally.

    Avoid using a hair dryer unless it is for a special occasion.

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Dry your curls with a diffuser if you’re in a hurry. The diffuser attachment disperses the heat so it doesn’t hit one part of your hair in a direct stream. Work your way around your head with the diffuser, using its tines to lift and dry your curls around the scalp, back and sides and down to the tips. Continue until your hair is slightly damp and not completely dry.

    Set the diffuser to the highest heat and a low speed.

    If you prefer waves to tight curls, don’t push your curls up with the diffuser; Instead, point it directly at her.

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Finish with a touch of hold product. Use a medium-hold spray to keep your look in place all day, or add a drop of serum or wax to your curls for definition. Use a small amount to avoid weighing down your curls with product.

    Stay away from sprays containing alcohol, as they will dry out your hair.

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Keep curls fresh all day long. If you notice your curls starting to fall or frizz, dampen your hair a little and apply whatever product you plan to use (curl cream, gel, mousse, or any other product). Use your hands to curl your curls to keep them looking as fresh as they got in the morning.

    Fill a bottle half-full with water and half-full with leave-in conditioner for a quick hair fix throughout the day.

    • Create hairstyles

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Braid the front of your hair to keep curls out of your face. Start the braid where you part your hair and pull the front section into a French or Dutch braid as you walk along your hairline. Start completing the braid as you approach your ear and secure it with a bobby pin.

    Section off the curls with a bobby pin, either pinning them at the side of your head or lifting a section of your curls and hiding the bobby pin underneath.

    Instead of trying to separate your curls while braiding, which can lead to frizz, pull in the entire curl while braiding if necessary.

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Twist your curls away from your face for a quick style. Select the section of hair that you want to pull back and twist it several times. Use bobby pins to pin the strand at the side of your head, or hide the bobby pinned section by pinning it under a curled section.

    This works for both long and short curly hair.

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Create a rolled headband style for quick elegance. Place the headband over your hair, fitting the curve at the back of your head. Tuck your hair into the band in 1 to 2 inch sections, starting behind your ears. After going through a section, tuck it back in so it gradually forms a roll. Work your way towards the back of your head until all your hair is pinned together.

    If necessary, secure the roll with a few bobby pins.

    The band will be exposed at the top of your head.

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Gather the front of your hair into a topknot if it’s short. Gather the middle front section of your hair and twist it into a small bun that sits on top of your head. Secure the bun with bobby pins or small hair clips.

    You can loosen the bun before pinning it so that it lies flat on your head.

    For longer hair, try pulling the rest of your hair up into a ponytail once the bun is secured on your head.

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Celebrate loose curls with a half crown braid. Braid a 1-2 inch section of hair starting above your left ear. Angle the braid to wrap it back around your head and secure with a small, clear elastic. Repeat this process with a strand above your right ear. Once both strands are braided and secured, cross them back-to-back before pinning.

    Wrap the left braid back and around, towards the right ear. Secure with a few bobby pins.

    Repeat with the right braid, crossing it over the first braid and tucking the end under before pinning.

    • Get a haircut that suits you

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Find a barber who knows curly hair. Curly hair can be notoriously difficult to trim, and barbers need to understand the needs of different types of curls in order to provide you with a great cut. Ask around or go online to find a great barber for your hair needs.

    Ask a friend with curly hair if they have a recommended barber.

    Try searching the internet for salons or individual barbers in your area that specialize in curly hair. Read reviews and check prices to find the best options.

    Look for photos of haircuts that you find flattering to bring to the salon.

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Go to the haircut with freshly washed locks. It’s important for the stylist to see your hair at its fluffiest and curliest state: this is how they can best assess what type of cut you need.

    Wash your hair the morning or the night before and let it air dry.

    Ask the stylist to cut your curls dry so each curl can be individually assessed.

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Go for long or short layers depending on the look you want. If you want long, curly hair, ask your stylist to add long layers that will keep it from becoming too heavy at the end. Shorter layers give your hair more volume and bounce.

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Trim your hair regularly to avoid split ends. Split ends make your hair even frizzier, and the damage can be hard to hide. Whenever you start noticing split ends, visit your barber or get your hair trimmed to ensure your locks stay healthy.

    Apply a conditioning treatment to the ends of your hair after trimming or whenever you notice them becoming dry or split.

    How to Style Curly Hair (with Pictures)

    Dye your hair with caution. Curly hair tends to be more brittle than straight hair, and the harsh chemicals in hair dye can wreak havoc, damaging curl structure and causing too much frizz. If you want to dye your hair, choose a softer color and do it gradually.

    For example, instead of going from dark brown to platinum blonde, consider adding some highlights first.

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