5 Steps How To Dye Your Hair Blonde And Black Underneath

How To Dye Your Hair Blonde And Black Underneathsmartesthairstyles.com – Why only choose one? Two tone blonde and black hair exudes an edgy and hip vibe that is both stylish and sophisticated. You can learn to do it yourself! Dying hair at home is not only fun, but also saves tons of money in the long run!

Steps by Steps :

How to Dye Your Hair Blonde and Black Underneath: 5 Steps

1. Find inspiration Check out pictures of this hairstyle and decide exactly how deep you want the blonde layer to go. It could stop at the top of your head or go all the way to the back of your head.

How to Dye Your Hair Blonde and Black Underneath: 5 Steps

2. Bleach the top section of your hair blonde. Depending on the natural or dyed color of your current hair, this can take up to three processes. Because the bleach is so harsh, leave your hair unwashed a day longer than usual—the excess oil keeps the bleach from damaging your hair as much.

Purchase a bleaching kit at your local beauty salon. The higher the number on the pack, the stronger the stuff. Volume 20 is good for dark blondes and light to medium brunettes, while anyone with darker hair would probably be better off with a volume 40 developer.

Use a fine-toothed comb or comb to part your hair. Draw a clean line from ear to ear wherever you want the blonde to stop. Tie the bottom section into a ponytail so it doesn’t get in the way.

Apply the bleach. Wear gloves to protect your hands and use a hair dye brush to apply the color.

Set a timer. Since you could damage your hair if you leave the bleach on for too long, set a timer for exactly the length of time the bleach kit instructions state.

Wash out the paint in the shower with the coldest possible water. If you avoid warm water, your blonde won’t turn brassy.

How to Dye Your Hair Blonde and Black Underneath: 5 Steps

3. Bleach blonde hair with a “toner” (optional). If you want an ultra platinum or white blonde look, you need to use a purple toner on the bleached part of your hair. Again, you can find this at your local beauty store.

Wait a few days after bleaching your hair. Too much trauma at once can severely damage your hair.

How to Dye Your Hair Blonde and Black Underneath: 5 Steps

4. Dye the bottom section of your hair black. Dyeing the hair on the back of your head might be more difficult than dyeing the front section, so consider enlisting the help of a friend. You can buy the color (semi-permanent or permanent) at a beauty supply store or at a major convenience store.

Use a comb or a fine-toothed comb to part your hair along the exact same line you used to bleach.

Tie the bleached part tightly on your head and cover it with a plastic shower cap. Make sure the edge of the cap meets the part you combed out between sections.

Begin by applying the black dye. Start at the root of the hair and be extremely careful not to hit the bleached part at all. Have a friend help you with this part.

Wash out the color. Keep the shower cap on the blonde section of your hair while you rinse out the black color. Wash in ice cold water if you can – the color will last longer.

How to Dye Your Hair Blonde and Black Underneath: 5 Steps

5. Care for your hair Color processing is tough on hair, and bleaching is especially tough. Compensate for this by using a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed to moisturize color-treated hair. Avoid blow drying or straightening your hair if you can.

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